MSE Program Forms

Commonly Used Forms in Graduate & Extended Studies Office

Forms Status

Here are the most commonly used forms. Most forms will require approval from your Graduate Advisor prior to submitting them to GES. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these forms.

Most, if not all of these forms, can be submitted to GES/MES online by clicking the SUBMIT button. After clicking the SUBMIT button, a unique tracking number will be displayed in the Tracking # field located on the form. Record this number so that you can check the status of your submission by going to the Forms Status. Status information will be updated at least twice per week, usually, by the close of business on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you need to submit additional material with submitted forms, you can attached relevant soft copies of documents to your submission. If you are not able to attach soft copies, then write the tracking number at the top of all hard copy submissions and bring to the MSE office in ENGR 491.

Use this form when you want to...
MSE Forms
MSE Biomedical Advising Form[PDF] to remove advising hold on student records
Change of Concentration[PDF] change your MSE concentration or emphasis area.
  Change of Proposed Program of Study [PDF] change one or more courses in your program of study
Program of study forms
Bioinformatics[PDF] pursue a MSE degree with an emphasis in bioinformatics
Electronic Materials & Devices [PDF] pursue a MSE degree with an emphasis in electronic material & devices
Special Emphasis[PDF] pursue a MSE degree with a special emphasis
Grad Writing Assessment Requirement Waiver Form [PDF] When you want to make a request to MSE & GS&R to waive your writing competency requirement
Graduate Application and Program Assessment (GAPE)
  Graduation Date Change Request for Award of MS Degree Form[PDF] change the award date on your MS degree
Request for Course Substitution in Master's Degree Program [PDF] change a course that has been previously approved on your candidacy form
Request for Validation of Graduate Transfer Credit [PDF] transfer and receive credit for a course taken outside of SJSU
Verification of Culminating Experience Form[PDF] have the MSE office verify to GS&R that you have completed all degree requirements for the MSE program
Change of Classification[PDF] change from Conditionally Classified to Classified status
Application for Award 
of Master's Degree Form
petition to be awarded a MS degree. MSE approval for this form is not required. Please submit this form directly to GS&R.
Change of Major Application [PDF] change your Master’s degree major
Departmental Request for Candidacy [PDF] apply for degree candidacy
Incomplete Extension [PDF] Graduate Petition for Extension of Time Limit for
Removal of Incomplete Grade
Graduate Petition for Course/Semester Withdrawal [PDF] Graduate Petition for Course/Semester Withdrawal
Revalidation [PDF] Request for Revalidation of Course that Has Exceeded the Seven-Year Time Limit
Office of the Registrar
  Reinstatement Petition [PDF] Use this form if you have been disqualified and wish to be reinstated
Off-Campus   MSE/MBA Program[WORD] provide information about the applicant