Engineering 197 (Internship)

Cooperative Learning Project


(Same as AVIA-197, CHE-197, CMPE-197, EE-197, ISE-197, MATE-197, ME-197, TECH-197)

In this course, undergraduate Engineering students in their final year undertake a semester-long project anchored in both the university and industry. Students work at a local company at least 20 hours per week for the duration of the semester.

The student and their supervisor at work agree on a defined project related to the student's field of study to be completed at the company during this course. The project must have clear requirements at the beginning and defined deliverables at the end, and must be managed by the student using tools such as Gantt charts, which are taught during the course.

Lectures are designed to help students with important workplace skills such as presentations, meetings, project planning, working as a team and career management. Regular presentations in class help to apply the lessons learned. The course culminates in a final presentation covering the project.

Course Objectives:

To prepare students for the workplace in their respective industries

Learn to size and execute a professional project on time

Learn public speaking / presentation / reporting skills

Learn about workplace dynamics

Learn to actively steer a career in the industry

Prerequisites and Flow:

  • Student must already have an internship or job:
    • SJSU does not provide or broker this job
    • Job must be relevant to the field of study
    • 20 hours per week minimum during semester
  • Student structures his/her work as a project:
    • Defined requirements, deliverables, timelines
  • Student proposes project to the instructor:
    • Instructor modifies as needed, then approves
  • Employer identifies a committed mentor
  • Learning Contract:
    • Signed by student, mentor, instructor

Course Content:

Base Lectures

  • Project Management
  • Public speaking / Presenting
  • The Workplace
  • Career Management


  • Reports, Presentation Slides, Poster Board, Meeting to be hosted at work

Student Presentations

  • In class with feedback

Employer Site Visit

  • Professional meeting and review with Mentor

Final Presentation

  • Attending: Students, Mentors, Instructor
  • Invited: Engineering Departments Leadership
  • Optional: One guest per student


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