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Global warming and environmental sustainability are topics of important and rapidly growing interest. Green technology encompasses a broad multi-disciplinary and evolving range of methods, materials, approaches, and practices that are intended to help achieve sustainability goals. Green Technologies must be developed and evolve within diverse economic, political, and sociological constraints. Having foundational knowledge of green technologies within the context of business, economic, and policy driven issues is critical to successfully addressing global sustainability needs. The demand, by the Green Tech industry, for human expertise with such knowledge and skills is growing rapidly, even during the recent economic downturn.

The MSE Green Technology program with a focus on solar technologies will instruct students about the basics of green tech, sustainability, life cycle issues and related topics. The program will also offer a solid background in related business, finance, and policy issues that must be factored in with the development and application of green technologies. Electives in the solar area will allow students to focus their academic program on a topic area that is critical to achieving global sustainability. Additional elective areas such as biodiesel and others might be offered in the future. Having a MS degree in Green Technology is anticipated to offer graduates rewarding diverse career opportunities in a field that is expected to grow for the foreseeable future.


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