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Electronic Materials and Devices (EMD) is a multidisciplinary field that is the “meeting” ground of material, chemical, and physical sciences. EMD, at SJSU, is a concentration where students will study VLSI computer aided design, modeling, testing, and characterization of electronic materials. Advances in EMD can be found in almost every application area today, including medical devices, electronics, genomic sequencing,  sensors, embedded computer systems, smart fabrics, packaging, assembly, micro fluidic devices, and so forth. The importance and need for expertise in this field remains relatively strong for the foreseeable future.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that although employment prospects in the computer and electronic products field is expected to decline approximately 33.7% through 2018, an increase in demand for EMD expertise in specific and well focused areas is expected to grow. In 2008, there was a demand for over 400,000 with semiconductor and electronic component expertise. This accounted for almost 35% of the employment demand in the computer and electronic product  field. EMD research, just in the US, has recently been reported to be funded at a level of  $2.5 Billion annually in recent years. However, the projected decline in employment demand is due to new innovations and  foreign competition.

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