Green Engineering Minor

The Green Engineering Minor studies ways in which engineering can contribute to solutions to protect the environment, global resources, and human life. These solutions include designing technology and promoting processes and policies that are efficient and socially responsible. It also includes developing methods that are environmentally and human friendly as well as sustainable for the long term.

Green Engineering - Fossil Fuels

The goals of this minor are the following:

  • Apply the principles of green and sustainable engineering to engineering problems.
  • Analyze the economic and environmental impact of biofuels, photovoltaics, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells.
  • Use life cycle thinking in engineering activities.
  • Participate in student research projects that apply new, sustainable and environmentally sound technologies and methods to real world problems.

Prospective students:

  • Student major should be in engineering or sciences.


The Green Engineering minor is housed in the General Engineering office in the SJSU Davidson College of Engineering. The list of approved electives will be posted in
the General Engineering office each semester.

Course Requirements

Core Requirements


Engr 102 or ME 172; Engr 103


Additional Course


Choose one course (3 units) from: ENVS 107, ENVS 116, ENVS 119, ENVS 132, ENVS 148, BUS/ENVS 167




One additional course to be selected with and approved by the green engineering minor advisor.


Total Units


*Effective Spring 2009

Green Engineering Minor Form

After completion, submit your Minor Form to Engineering 491, to be signed by Dr. Hambaba.