The General Engineering program offers students an opportunity for interdisciplinary engineering education not available through traditional single discipline programs. The General Engineering curriculum provides a comprehensive program in basic engineering sciences, engineering management and entrepreneurship. The program was developed to give a broad background in engineering that is supportive of a systems approach to engineering. The combination of a strong theoretical background, special knowledge in specific areas, and broad skill in problem solving gives the graduate in general engineering a sound but flexible base for a career. The student can move into practice or advanced study in almost any branch of the engineering profession. With equal ease, the student can prepare for further study in management.

B.S. General Engineering Four Year Plan:


Program educational objectives for the B.S. in General Engineering

The B.S. in General Engineering degree program has a group of Program Educational Objectives, which are intended to develop specific attributes for the General Engineering graduate. These attributes should be demonstrated in professional experience after graduation.

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the fundamental knowledge necessary for the practice of, or for advanced study in, engineering, including scientific principles, rigorous analysis, and problem solving.
  2. Demonstrated broad educational knowledge, including knowledge of important issues in engineering, necessary for productive careers in the public or private sectors, or for the pursuit of graduate education.
  3. Demonstrated clear communication skills, responsible teamwork, professional attitudes and ethics.
  4. Demonstrated a preparation for the complex work environment and for lifelong learning.

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